Not All Vitamins Are Equal

Published: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 By: John

That multi-vitamin pill you take once a day may not be providing you with all the benefits you believe it is.

Check with your physician, and if he or she gives you the go-ahead, find one that is complete (preferably one with a whole-food base). Complete means the vitamin has more than just trace elements of the different vitamins and minerals. For example, here’s a comparison of Natures Way Alive (whole food) and Centrum.

Alive Multi-Vitamin (3/day)                             Centrum Multi-Vitamin (1/day

Vitamin A
 15,000 IU
 Vitamin A
 2,500 IU
Vitamin C
 1,000 mg
 Vitamin C
 90 mg
Vitamin D
 400 IU
 Vitamin D
 500 IU
Vitamin E
 200 IU
 Vitamin E
 50 IU
Vitamin K
 80 mcg
 Vitamin K
 30 mcg
Thiamin  25 mg
 Thiamin  1.5 mg
Riboflavin (B-2)
 25 mg
 Riboflavin  1.7 mg
Niacin  125 mg
 Niacin  20 mg
Vitamin B-6
 50 mcg
 Vitamin B-6
 3 mg
Folic Acid
 400 mcg
 Folic Acid
 500 mcg
Vitamin B-12
 200 mcg
 Vitamin B-12
 25 mcg
Calcium  250 mg
 220 mg
 125 mg
 Magnesium  50 mg
Iron  18 mg
 Iron  0

Take vitamins with your meals, not just once a day. Vitamins are food and are designed for people who don’t eat enough vegetables and fruits. You cannot expect food to last the whole day and neither will vitamins.

Make sure you’re taking a vitamin that is easily digestible. Capsules, liquids and powders are generally the easiest to digest. Vitamins that are not whole-food will have more fillers and binders that make it difficult for you to digest.

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