New Years Resolution

Published: Tuesday, January 6, 2009 By: John

Tired of the spare tire hovering at your waist? Did you make a New Year's fitness resolution you probably haven't kept or begun to approach? Are you ready to take ownership of your health? Here's how to get started today:

1. Get rid of the excuses. What's the point? There is no perfect time to start an exercise program. New Year's Day has come and gone. Make today YOUR New Year's Day. The one thing that most often gets in the way of beginning and sticking to an exercise regime can be found between their ears. Once you come to terms that nobody cares about your excuses, you can move forward.

2. Start a cardiovascular program. Do anything, take a step and pace yourself. You can start walking, biking, or using the treadmill, among other options. If you begin with strengthening your heart, it will correlate to other areas. When your heart is functioning well it allows you to do strength training harder, because a stronger heart pushes more oxygen to muscles.

3. Resistance training is wonderful. Pilates, core training, personal training, boot camps, yoga fit ... whatever you call it. Any of these done correctly can be very helpful. Do you ever wonder why your posture is so poor, or why your shoulders slouch? You can't touch your toes? Is it just tough to get into and out of your car seat or sofa. Honestly, it is a good idea to hire a professional fitness trainer to help teach you these concepts, but if it's not in your budget hit the bookstore and find something to get you started.

4. A healthy diet is a must. Granted, this is a whole subject unto itself, but just try your best to make it easy. Drink lots of water, eat smaller meals, reduce carbohydrate intake and take in more protein without taking in a lot of fat.

John Karesh is a certified personal trainer and the owner of Paradise Personal Training in Carmel, Indiana. You can E-mail him at

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    My experience with John has been near perfect thus far. I have excelled in reaching my goals and have made dramatic results losing body fat. I have a lot of stress in my job and coming in after work after a tough day can be difficult. The warm atmosphere allows you to quickly rejuvenate and refocus on getting a training session completed instead of going home and not doing anything. In a short 6 months I have made strides I didn't think were possible and without a doubt I would recommend this to other people.


    - kelly Switzer