"I was finding that my body was starting to break down a little bit. My arm was hurting and when I met John, it was just kind of perfect. Right away my arm felt better. I was able to throw a baseball again and, I believe my body's a little bit stronger than it was. Before I started working out, I really wasn't doing anything to help my body out, so, I'm glad that I did."


"I chose John for two primary reasons. I have a bad back, and I was looking for a professional trainer who was familiar with how the back operates, how to be careful with it, at the same time, wasn't gonna hold back too much on my training. The second reason is I had developed some imbalances in my body, and I wanted someone with the knowledge and the understanding of how to correct those imbalances. John filled the bid on both those issues very, very well. I'm thrilled to have worked with him.

Bill O'Donnell

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